An Innovative Concept of Traceable Device for Monitoring Temperature of Temperature-Sensitive Healthcare Products

  • Pedro Martins de Oliveira
  • Adriano Souza Leão
  • Regina Maria Cunha Leite
  • Alfredo Ruben Corniali
  • Marcos Lage Cajazeira Ramos
  • Valter Estevão Beal
Keywords: Heat-Sensitive Products. Coldchain. IoT. Temperature Sensors.


This paper aims to present a concept of technology as a solution to monitor thermo-sensitive health products and contribute to preserving their integrity along the cold chain. This study is exploratory research with a case study involving a survey with health professionals and the use of tools for product development in order to find a solution to the problem of traceability and warnings about temperature deviations. From the information collected and the literature reviewed, it was possible to develop a concept of a product to meet the customer requirements. The results showed that thermo-sensitive health products lack traceability in the health network and that the concept presented contributes to solving this problem.