Impact on Human Health of Particulate Matter Arising from Atmospheric Pollution

  • Clara Rodrigues Pereira
  • Lílian Lefol Nani Guarieiro
Keywords: Particulate Matter. Human Health. Respiratory System. Vehicle Emissions.


Studies show that exposure to particulate matter (PM) from vehicular combustion processes can pose severe risks to human health since the impact degree of PM on the respiratory system will depend on its size and composition. Thus, the objective of this study was to perform a systematic review on this topic, searching information that can highlight causes and solutions that may allow a greater understanding of this problem. We concluded that China is a country that stands out in the number of deaths caused by the emission of PM, given a highly polluted urban scenario. Besides, fine particles (PM2.5) are the most recurrent incidence of respiratory disease, as they are emitted mainly by industrial activities and vehicular emissions.