Development of Active Biodegradable Films: Starch Films Incorporated with Starch Nanoparticles and Oregano Essential Oil

  • Karina Lizzeth Pedraza Galván
  • Lucas Guimarães Cardoso
  • Janaina de Carvalho Alves
  • Madian Johel Galo Salgado
  • Pedro Paulo Lordelo Guimarães Tavares
  • Renata Quartieri Nascimento
  • Jania Betania Alves da Silva
  • Janice Izabel Druzian
Keywords: Packaging. Nanoparticles. Antimicrobial. Essential Oil.


The present study aimed to develop biodegradable starch films with starch nanoparticles incorporated with oregano essential oil – OEO (Origanum vulgare), for application as active packaging in food preservation. Film production was performed using the casting method. Three concentrations of oregano essential oil (0.0%, 5.0% and 10%) were studied. The physical and mechanical properties of the films produced were also evaluated. For analysis of antimicrobial efficiency, the methodologies of CLSI and APHA were used. The incorporation of essential oregano oil influenced the performance of the films. The films with 5.0% and 10% OEO showed antimicrobial efficiency when compared to the control.